The climb may feel arduous...

The thoughts may consume the body

The climb may feel arduous, the thoughts may consume the body. You may think you deserve or want more, but how does that make you feel? Whatever it is you think you want, know that it is already done. It is already in the movie script of your life and will happen as it is written. Live in the moment of discovery and provide the action it beckons. The appearance of the illusion becomes your reality. We all live within the illusion but need to deconstruct the illusion in order to be authentic within our reality. Deconstruct the obstacle and let your frequency traject. The deconstruction helps to fill your glass, but you cannot do it alone. Let me fill your glass.

Let me deconstruct your illlusion and show you the way to discovering your truly authentic self within reality. As humans, we tend to make that climb by ourselves and feel as though we are alone as our thoughts consume our bodies. You don't have to be alone. Let me break the cycle and help you fill your glass with the waters of life.

Not knowing is the power of quantum travel

All in all, worry not...

Not knowing is the power of quantum travel. All in all, worry not, for that mindset accomplishes nothing but personal suffering. Set free to trust the unfolding of great things while you’re here.

Be not which is conditional, be what is transitional. Be loved and lived by that which is not defined...Not false prophets, not fictitious gods, not tribal beliefs, not ideas of creators, but SELF...the conduit of greatness, for you yourself are the omnipotence you seek.

The darkness shall find the light

The darkness shall find the light. As it (the light), illuminates the illusion of said projectors of the world (the darkness), that have subjugated, connived, manipulated and deceived to usurp that which is only in their interest, replenish not the well which feeds the speciation of traveling activation through biological vessels. In the span of an eye wink, the changing of the guard... It is time to set it free; overflowing with abundance.